Adhesive Cards

Thin White Blank Adhesive Plastic Cards are standard credit card size and feature a peel-off backing that reveals an adhesive so the card can be applied to other materials.

  • The CR80 Adhesive PVC ID card is a great for general use. The same size as a standard credit card, the CR80 Adhesive is the most commonly sized card and can fit in most ID card printers.
    While it can fit onto your standard clamshell proximity card, the CR80 Adhesive card will lay on top of, not within, the proximity card’s borders. For a slightly smaller-sized card, check out the CR79 Adhesive card.
    Measured after the adhesive paper is peeled, the CR80 Adhesive PVC card comes in 10 mil thickness.
    When deciding if this card is right for your operations, consider your printer’s specifications. It must handle cards that are 16 mil to 30 mil in thickness to accommodate the adhesive paper backing.
    NOTE: Most card printer manufacturers recommend using mylar backed cards for best results.

    • Blank White PVC Card
    • Glossy Photo-Graphics Grade
    • CR80 Standard Credit Card Size
    • Available in 3 options:
      • 10 mil card with mylar backing (recommended by most card printer manaufacturers)
      • 10 mil card with paper backing

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