Mifare Cards

Mifare cards offer simple integration and fast processing speeds and are available with 1K or 4K read/write memory.

  • Mifare® cards are designed for convenient, fast transactions. The cardholder does not need to stop at the card reader for the card to be read. This high-speed processing allows for high throughput at gates, boarding areas, and toll booths. Mifare cards can even remain in a wallet or purse during the transaction.

    Mifare cards are compatible with existing Mifare infrastructures. The cards are available in 100% PVC or composite PVC-PET, 1 or 4 kByte EEPROM read/write memory, and with or without a magnetic stripe.

  • MIFARE Classic 1K Cards Specifications


    • 200 1K Mifare contactless smart cards per package
    • 13.56 MHz
    • 1 kByte, organized in 16 sectors with 4 blocks of 16 bytes each (one block contacts 16 bytes)
    • Operating distance: Up to 10 cm (depending on antenna geometry)
    • Contactless transmission of data and energy supply without a battery
    • Typical transaction speed is <100 ms
    • Data retention of 10 years
    • Each card has a unique serial number
    • Features a glossy finish and a printable surface in your choice of PVC or PVC-PET

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