UV Sterilizer Box

UV Sterilizer Box kill all the types of the viruses of equipments like mobile phones using the Ultra Violet rays.

  • Feature:
    · Anti-virus quickly: It can quickly and completely kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses attached to the mobile phone within 6 minutes.
    · Anti-virus thorough: Can quickly kill the mobile phone attached to more than 99.9% of a variety of bacteria and viruses.
    · Wide range of antivirus: This product uses ways of disinfection: ultraviolet light , can quickly kill a variety of microorganisms
    · Strong versatility: This product is suitable for a variety of types and sizes of Mobile Phones, Keys, but also for MP3/MP4/MP5, Bluetooth Headsets, Earplugs and other devices as well as Gold and Silver Jewelry.
    · Easy to use: The product is small and light, which is very suitable for portable use in family, office and traveling.
    · Strong security: Supply with 5V voltage to improve product’s safety.
    · Car available: With a 5V power USB output car charger connector, you can achieve in the car disinfection.

  • Specification:
    · Fit devices: Up to 6.5 inch mobile phone
    · Rated voltage: DC5V
    · Input current: 1-2A
    · Max working power: 9w
    · Product weight: 0.6kg
    · Inside size: 18x10x3cm
    Outside size: 22.7*12.5*5.0cm
    · Diffuser power: 1W
    · UV wavelength: 253.7nm
    · Material: ABS
    · UV light power: 2*1W

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