Olivetti PR4 DR

A three-station dot matrix printer, for individual forms and two paper rolls (maximum width 70mm).

  • A three-station dot matrix printer, for individual forms and two paper rolls (maximum width 70mm). The first station, with an automatic tear bar, is used to print receipts, the second station prints the journal and the third station prints transaction slips, inserted from the top or the front. The PR4DR offers advanced capabilities, outstanding productivity in printing and paper management, low noise level and high operating speed that makes it a top performer in its market class.
    Optionally the printer is capable of mounting a MICR reader.


    • three stations impact dot matrix printer (receipt, journal and slip)
    • flexible paper management
    • automatic paper roll loading both for receipts and journal
    • excellent productivity


    Product performances are referred to an appropriate use under optimal conditions. With the right to change technical specifications.

  • Print technology

    - dot matrix, 9 pins (5+4)

    Spacing (cpi)

    - 12, 15, 17.1 (Olivetti)
    - 12.5, 16.7 (Epson)


    - 250/357 cps

    Noise level

    - less than 66 dB (A)

    Characters per line (at 12 cpi)

    Receipt 30
    Journal 30
    Slip 66

    Print line length

    Receipt or journal 2.5"
    Front or top insertion 5.5"

    Form management (slip station)

    Front document alignment automatic
    Slip introduction from front/top
    Cheque introduction from front/top
    Number of copies 1+4
    Receipt cutting automatic
    Roll loading automatic, tear bar

    Number of rolls

    - 2

    Roll diameter

    - 85 mm

    Roll width

    - 57, 70 mm


    - EPSON TM-U925
    - Olivetti


    - RS232C
    - parallel Centronics


    Main power supply 24 VDC, 110/240 VAC
    - Integrated or external power supply
    - Absorption: 70 W max


    Width 250 mm
    Depth 253 mm
    Height 185 mm


    - 4.5 Kg

    Printer driver

    - Windows 95/98/W2K/NT 4.0


    - MICR reader (Factory option)
    - customer display
    - slip paper support
      journal cover with lock
    - guides for different roll widths


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