TSC TTP 244 Pro

The TTP-244 Pro is designed to print a wide assortment of labels, including shipping labels and compliance and general-purpose product-identification labels and tags, making it the perfect solution for automobile service shops, walk-in shipping and mail centers, stock-room inventory control and numerous other applications. TSC 244 Barcode Printer is the most selling printer in the Barcoding industry with the fast speed and at very low prices. TSC TTP 244 Pro barcode printer is the advanced and the enhanced model of the TSC 244 plus barcode printer.

  • The TTP-244 Pro is more suitable for customers looking for a high quality barcode printer at lower prices. The TTP-244 Pro have lowest prices as compared to other thermal printers, comes with a one year warranty, and lodge a 300mtr long ribbon, which is also one of the factor that reduces the cost of the printer.

    The TTP-244 Pro offers the largest media and ribbon capacities in its class. Unlike most printers, it can easily handle both a 300-meter ribbon and a full4-inch OD roll of labels. With its fast 5 inch per second print speed, along with the largest memory capacity in its class, the TTP-244 Pro easily outperforms the competition.

    With its small, compact footprint and dual-motor design, the TTP-244 Pro is perfect for a wide variety of label and tag printing applications – everything from shipping labels to compliance and general purpose product-identification labels & tags.


    • 200 MHz 32-bit RISC processor with 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB Flash memory
    • Internally Scalable True Type fonts
    • TSPL-EZ™ firmware emulates Eltron® and Zebra® languages out of the box
    • Dual-motor gear driven design
    • 300 meter ribbon supply on a 1" core (coated side out)
    • 4.3" OD internal media supply, optional external media un-winder supporting 8.4" OD label rolls on 3" cores
    • 5 inches per second print speed
    • USB 2.0 & RS-232C interfaces

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