Canon Wrap around tapes

Canon Wrap around tapes are very durable and high strength spiral wrapping tapes made from high quality and long lasting raw materials to provide superior bonding at affordable cost.

    Material : P.E.
    Color : Natural
    Operating Temp : -40o C 85o C
    Can be reused when the change are required in bundle.
    Can be used in gaped manner where flexibility, breakouts & economy is required. 
    Can be used in butted manner where rigidity & protection is required against continuously abrasion.
    Application : Abrasion protection of wire & Cable insulation & Hydraulic or Pneumatic Tubing.

    Wrap Around Tape
    Product Name Additional Information
    Wrap Around Tape Cassette 12mm x 8m (White) 5pcs (8m x 5) per box


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