Fargo 45014 YMCKO Half Panel

FARGO 45014 - 350 Images - Half-panel YMCKO Fargo printer ribbon cartridge prints up to ½ the length of your plastic card in full color and prints the full card with black and adds a clear overlay - compatible with Fargo DTC1000 and DTC1250e printers.

  • The Fargo 45014 YMCKO Half-Panel ribbon cartridge works with the Fargo DTC1000 and DTC1250e card printers to save you money on card printing costs. 
    The 45014 Half-Panel ribbon allows color printing on up to one-half of your pvc card, while allowing the full card to be printed with black and protected by a thin clear overlay. This half-panel card is great for organizations that produce ID cards and badges that feature a photo or logo on the top half of a card and printed information on the rest of the card. The clear overlay panel covers your ID badges with a thin protective film for tamper-resistant plastic cards that can last years longer than standard cards.
    The Fargo 45014 YMCKO Half-Panel ribbon cartridge installs easily and includes a built-in cleaning roller for easy Fargo / HID card printer maintenance. It is also optimized for visual recognition and produces 350 crystal-clear images. 

  • Fargo 45014 Color Ribbon Specifications


    • Manufacturer and item#: Fargo 45014
    • YMC half panels & full KO panels color ribbon
    • Cleaning roller included
    • 350 prints per roll
    • Fargo 45014 ribbon is for use with the following Fargo printers:
      • C50
      • DTC1000
      • DTC1250e

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