Fargo 84051 YMCK

FARGO 84051 YMCK - 500 Images - YMCK four panel printer ribbon for full color card printing and compatible with Fargo printer HDP5000. Must be used with Fargo 84053 retransfer film.

  • Fargo's 84051 YMCK ribbon delivers state-of-the-art performance when printing cards with your Fargo HDP5000 printer. When used with Fargo's 84053 HDP film, this ribbon produces 500 high quality monochrome and color prints.
    Only genuine Fargo parts and supplies come with the guarantee that your printer will function properly.
    Browse our entire selection of Fargo Printer Ribbons for full-color printing on your plastic ID cards and badges. 

  • Fargo 84051 Color Ribbon Specifications


    • Manufacturer and item#: Fargo 84051
    • YMCK color ribbon
    • 500 prints per roll
    • Fargo 84051 ribbon is for use with HDP5000 card printers

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