• 01-Jan
    Barcode Bazar Authorized Distributors For Forgo ID card Printers

    Barcode bazar is dealer and supplier of Forgo printersin India. Fargo’s name is synonymous with quality, reliability and performance - even more so now that Fargo has become an HID Global company. Fargo card printercomes in various models according to application and use. Fargo card printeris classified by single side printer dual side printer, quantities of card printing and limitation or non lamination printers, Encoder printer.


    Fagro present three basic models Fargo50, Fargo 1250e, Fargo DTC 1000Methese printer are ideal for small level business and low quantities printing. These printers don’t have encoder faction. Fargo50and  Fargo DTC 1000Mesingle side printer. Fargo50is color printer and Fargo DTC 1000Meis black in white printer.  Fargo 1250eis color dual side printer.

    Fagro offer medium quantities card printer series with and encoder models Fargo DTC 4500Eand Fargo DTC4250e. Fargo DTC 4500Eis a non-lamination featured printer and Fargo DTC4250eis lamination featured printer. Fargo DTC 4500E  can print 225 card per hour.


    Fargo printer is always there in stock of Barcode Bazar.


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