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    How can an ID card help you

    Barcode bazar is leading id cardprinter supplier in Delhi. We are providing services all over India. We are authorized dealer for all brands of id card printerlike Fargo, Zebraand Evolis.



    ID cardcan helpful for managing staff attendance and Time management, Enhance building security and also control access to premises by issuing staff, visitor or contractor cards, printed and encoded on a Fargoor Zebraid card printer.

    These ID card printerscan issue secure and colorful ID and access control cards that can be protected against counterfeiters. These Id cardsare reasonable and durable.



    In retail environments, it is easy to print and encode loyalty cards that can store data, credits and points on a smartcard. These cards can be instantly issued and updated on the premises as customers purchase goods.

    Another popular application is the issuance of hygienic fresh food labels for fish, meat and bread counters and, of course, for non-food items as well.

    These type of Pvc card can printedby Fargo DTC 1000 Pvc card printer  ,Evolis  Badgy200 Pvc card printer  and Evolis Zenius Pvc card printerat lowest printing cost.


    Schools & Libraries

    In schools and universities, student and staff ID cardsare mandatory. By using smartcards it is also possible to produce full campus cards that can be used for access to libraries, Dance room and sports halls as well as allowing cashless vending and e-Purse applications. Which help to maintaining student and staff contacts and other data of salary, frees and issued books.

    All of the Fargoand Zebra ID card printerscan write data to contact and contactless smartcards during the printing process.




    Hospitals and other health related facilities, such as pharmacies, have to have secure controlled access for authorized personnel to prevent theft and to mitigate patient risk.

    Fargoand Zebra id card printersare able to print and simultaneously encode contact and contactless smartcards for this vital purpose.



    Fargoand Zebra id card printersare used across the globe to produce highly secure, identity cards that are virtually counterfeit proof.

    The Fargo DTC 1250Eis using by the Indian government for printing Aadhar card and voter id cards



    By using Fargoor Zebracontactless smartcard printers, you can issue pre-printed and encoded travel cards centrally or locally and therefore increase the efficiency and profitability of your transportation network.

    These type of Pvc card can printedby Fargo DTC 1250e Pvc card printer,Evolis  Primacy Pvc card printer  and Zebra ZXP 3 Pvc card printerat lowest printing cost.



    Sports and leisure clubs can benefit by using loyalty and access cards to members.

    These can not only let them into the gym and sauna but can also track their spending patterns and award points or other benefits, if they participate in selected classes or refer friends to the club

    These type of Pvc card can printed by Fargo DTC 1000 Pvc card printer,Evolis  Badgy200 Pvc card printer  and Evolis Zenius Pvc card printerat lowest printing cost.


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