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    It is important to do maintenance time to time for maintaining printing quality and continues working of id card printer. Ignorance of printer maintenance can become a big loss of money so as a distributer and supplier of id card printer we recommend these following steps for id card printer maintenance time to time basis.

    1.       KEEP YOUR PRINTER COVERED. Dust and dirt are your printer's nemesis. You can protect your ID card printer by storing it in a carrying case. The case protects your printer from the elements when it's not in use. This is an especially good investment if you transport your printer between multiple facilities. You can use a can of compressed air to clean off any visible dust and dirt inside your ID card printer that the cleaning kit does not remove.

    2.       STORE YOUR ID CARD PRINTER IN A SAFE LOCATION. Storing your ID card printer in a safe location, especially in schools, can safeguard your printer against students accidentally bumping into it or roughly handling the printer. Keep the printer out of high traffic areas and in a safe storage room when not in use.

    3.       REPLACE PRINTER RIBBONS. For a high quality ID card, replace your printer ribbons as recommended. Printer ribbons have up to a two year shelf life, so you can stock up when you purchase the ID card printer and always have them on hand. Be sure to use the manufacturer's printer ribbons as off brand printer ribbons may not work properly and could damage your printer.

    4.       REGULARLY CLEAN YOUR ID CARD PRINTER:  It's recommended that you clean your Fargo ID card printer every 700-1,000 prints. Each manufacturer creates an ID card printer cleaning kit meant for its specific printers. Because each printer works differently, you must use the specified manufacturer kit. So its recommended that use Fargo cleaning kit for Fargo id card printers As a helpful reminder, you can clean your printer when you change the printer ribbon. Each cleaning kit includes a cleaning card. It looks like a PVC card, but it is soaked in a cleaning solution. The card is inserted into the Fargo ID card printer and cleans all of the rollers.

    5.       CLEAN THE PRINTER ROLLER. To print ID cards, a roller pulls the blank PVC card into the printer. This roller collects the dust and dirt on PVC cards so it doesn't travel into the printer. Because the roller acts like a lint roller that cleans the PVC cards, it needs to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

    6.       CLEAN THE PRINT HEADS. The print heads on Every ID card printer also need to be regularly cleaned. Your cleaning kit includes the cleaning swabs; they look like large Q-tips or a marker, which you’ll use to clean the printer heads directly. Follow your cleaning kit directions to properly clean this important ID card printer component.

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