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    Review Of FARGO 1250e By Barcode Bazar

    Barcode Bazar is most reliable FARGO distributor in India. We provide complete FARGO printing solution. We always have stock of Fargo Printers and Fargo Ribbons. We are not only distributor and seller of FARGO. We are supporter and service provider for FARGO along with that we maintain the low price guarantee.   The Following review is base on our knowledge and Experience:

    If you are looking a printer for printer medium quantity with the feature of cards dual side printing so FARGO DTC 1250 E is a best choice.  FARGO DTC 1250 E is an easyand affordable card printer for your small business, school, or local government. For Fastest card printing at lowest price consider the Fargo DTC1250e.  

    It is a best product according to printing quality and price along with that you get the trust of well known brand FARGO.

    FARGO lounge three models for dual side printing FARGO DTC 1250e and its high powered relatives - the DTC4250e and DTC4500e.

    What makes this printer number one?

    Its high speed card printing and card printing quality make. It number one printer it can print full color 225 card in 16 seconds . It comes with unbeatable printing quality with 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm) continuous tone and 256 shades per pixel.

    Why is compatible for small business?

    The FARGO DTC 1250e is small desktop and Simple plug-and-play printer it don’t any installation. The DTC1250e provides maximum efficiency in a sleek, user-friendly design. This printer is virtually maintenance free and prints full-color, plastic ID and technology cards on a budget.

     How it reduce cost of printing?

    The FARGO DTC 1250e is a flexible with ribbons. It can use Itcan use single time usable  Fargo ribbon cartridgeor a refillable Eco cartridgebecause of this it reduce the amount of wastage with each ribbon use. The FARGO DTC 1250e is a Edge-to-edge printer with this it reduce the wastage of card.

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